Voice of Finland songwriting camp

The countdown of the reality TV show Voice of Finland has begun. This means that a lot of songs soon have to see the light of day. This without the knowledge of who their performers will be. With only educated guesses as a reference Kaiku entertainment invited a bunch of songwriters to a camp in Helsinki mo-tue this week. The camp was originally initiated by Universal which is Voice of Finland’s official record company. But neither do they know who they will sign in the end. An interesting starting point, indeed. Anyway: a lot of work got done. The end result will, as always be interesting. The power so far lies in the hands of the judges. After that, the torch will be passed on to you!

Nalle co-writing with Jonas Olsson (picture)
Jonas Olsson

Monday again and facing it feels ok. A very nice weekend with a late birthday celebration for the newly 11-year old on the agenda. No fever in the household anymore and we are all alive and kicking!


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