Upon request; some news from Finland!

Those of you who have wished for some national updates are now in for a treat :). We have a lot of interesting stuff going on in that department at the moment. Finland’s answer to Justin Bieber: teenage pop-icon and multi-platinum selling artist Robin just released a new album including the song “Tatuoitu” (Ahlstedt, Paalanen, Constantine, Robin). Another piece of good news is an album release from the very belowed and legendary Finnish artist Vicky Rosti, now celebrating 40 years as an artist. Track no.7: Susilapsi (Ahlstedt, Svärd) got the best review (in Finnish) possible! Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s biggest newspaper called it a real jewel. Another Finnish interesting release is “Mä meen” (Ahlstedt, Finnish lyrics by Nomi, English lyrics by Fuentes) by young and up-coming artist Nomi. This one also produced by N. It will reach out to you on airplay by the end of next week: Stay tuned! I&N