Updates March 2018

Is Christmas over yet…? Yes, we have bad humor..

Once again; a lot of stuff going on. So proud of our newest projects: Gulf Stream Riders  and PERK.  Both debuted in the beginning of 2018 and already got airplayed in several countries. Check them out on Facebook, Spotify ect. :)! The good news is that both bands will release  single no. 2 during this spring!

Jore Marjaranta delivers as usual! The newest single “Mun täytyy olla näin” was released in January and is still playing on many Finnish stations.

Coming up: new material from all of the above mentioned plus Suvi Hiltunen and Jani Forsman. What can we say :)? Yeeah! Stay Tuned and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

D8 Music Team