A good start to 2014!

For every active player in the music industry, time is a valuable and rare resource. A slow news feed on this particular site is just a sign of a lot of activity elsewhere, concerning the core business.

2014 seems very promising so far. Last weekend we were in for a treat since Linus Svenning and Helena Paparizou both advanced to semifinal/second chance in the Swedish national Eurovision Song Contest; Melodifestivalen. Both Linus and Helena will be releasing new albums this spring and there will be Nalle’s handwriting (production and songwriting) on both of them. Linus has booked two songs and Helena one. The latter is not only by Nalle, but also a D8 Music song. We are wishing both of them the best of luck in the up-coming competition.

Some other news from Sweden: In January the Swedish girl band Sister Love released their album containing two of Nalle’s songs. “Music Use It” and “Love Breakdown”.

N & I


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