On a Roll!


Just received this one in the mail today: a copy of the newly released cd  Obsession by Linda and the Punch.  Track n:o 8: Kill the Lights is written by me and Tommy Denander. For me this is the first time to break ground on British soil. Wishing lovely Linda the best of luck and many gigs!

Helena Paparizou delivers as usual! The album One Life (including “Crazy for Love” by Ahlstedt, Somer and Fuentes) was released the 26th of March and is already climbing the Swedish album chart at the speed of sound.

Molly Rosenström is another young lady to be very proud of. Her  album Stardust” and single “Half Life” (Ahlstedt, Halloun, Fabrin)were just released and she has already appeared in two TV shows performing Half Life this week. Watch a clip by pressing the link below.

TV clip: Molly Rosenström performing at the TV show “Min morgon”





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