UPDATES December 2017

For the third year in a row, D8 Music released a Christmas song. This year it is called “Tuhlaajapojan joulu”, performed by Jore Marjaranta. A beautiful Finnish ballad with that perfect Christmas touch, just begging to be listened to during the holiday season.

We are also very excited to announce a new collaboration between Suvi Hiltunen and Jani Forsman (known from the Finnish band Jani & Jetsetters). Their newly released duet “Ota musta kiinni lujaa” has been no 1 on the most wanted list almost every night for several weeks in a row on Radio Iskelmä. New material from this dynamic duo is coming up soon!

We are thrilled about all new exciting projects starting already in January 2018 :)! We will keep you posted ;)!  For weekly news: follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned :)!




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